Author: Ryan Cramer
Ryan Cramer has been in the mortgage industry since 1993 providing responsible lending and helping his customers achieve and maintain sustainable homeownership. He is committed to finding the right mortgage solution that suits the individual customer by offering a multitude of home loan products and services that meet many different financial needs. Ryan's breath of knowledge, attention to detail, extreme accessibility and passion for what he does makes him a standout loan officer and partner. imortgage, as a premier direct lender, provides a team of underwriters and processors to support Ryan and assist in funding each loan on time, every time.

That’s right! Reduced Mortgage Insurance coverage, (A lot less than FHA) Low down payment, (Can be all a gift) and income-source flexibility considerations that can include boarder income, and income from an occupying co-borrower with an insufficient credit history. Also

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One of the first questions that comes up when making the decision to purchase or refinance a home is, “What type of loan program should I get?” Here’s a tip on choosing between an adjustable or fixed rate mortgage. Adjustable

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My clients often ask me if it’s a smart idea to make additional payments toward the principal balance on a mortgage. The truth is, every person has different short- and long-term goals, and it’s a very personal decision. Owning a

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                      As you choose the path that leads to the home of your dreams, you can take either a pleasant Sunday stroll in the park or a gut-wrenching tiptoe through

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What is the most important thing to consider when choosing your home loan? Is it the rate? The term? Or, maybe the loan program? Many experts agree that the most important factor is the loan amount. Why? Because choosing the

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5% Grant with the Home in 5 Advantage Great News! Housing just became more affordable with the Home in 5 Advantage. This grant program provides down payment assistance for low-to-moderate income individuals and families purchasing a home. Homebuyers can receive

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  Why You Should Do Away with Jargon | LinkedIn.

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ARM Loans—a Vestige of the Housing Bubble—Are Making a Comeback –

Ave 30 Yr Rate Up